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Learn from an expert and become a master of event design with our comprehensive online mentorship program. Our mentorship program is specifically designed for event professionals looking to take their event design skills to the next level.

Our program offers exclusive access to resources that can't be found anywhere else.

We offer a few one-on-one mentorship options.


The 1:1 Design Mentorship is the most sought after. Learn more about our options below. 

1:1 Design Mentorship 

This program was created to help you build a plan to design an event that leaves an impression on your client and their guests while increasing your bottomline. ​


Shaneia Caldwell (MPQ Events) provides one-on-one training on how to:

  • Exceed your client expectations

  • Transition into producing luxury events

  • Increase your revenue

  • Grow your clientele

  • Establish repeat clients

  • Foster Initiative in your team 

Here is How It Works:

1. You will present a current booked event

2. You will provide the necessary information about your client’s vision.

3. We will schedule three Zoom call sessions:

  • Discuss your event goals

  • Discuss Floor Plan and Design Mockup

  • Event Preparation, Execution, Q&A

4. We will then work on a plan and design for your event. This may include a walkthrough of the venue. 

5. This process will be completed in a time frame to meet the deadline that is initially set. 



Watch Tanya's 1:1 Design Mentorship Experience   


Shaneia, I don't even know where to start.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, sooo much for mentoring me for my big day. I am forever greatful. Not only did you help me to make my event special and beautiful , you've also helped me professionally to be better at my craft in providing event decor to my future clients. I truly appreciate you for this.

I look forward to working more and doing more sessions with you. Thank you soo much. I couldn't have done it without you. Yes please, even though I cried like a baby once the setup was finished and I loved it so much, I'm sure it's room for improvement. I open to all feedback. Also. Whenever you think its a good time, I'm ready to pay for my next course .😊


My guests were snapping pictures like crazy. I've never really experienced that. I was sooo proud of myself, I kept looking back like. I DID THIS!

 - Tanya/ Lavish Event Designs by Tanya 

Mentorship Options




Shaneia Caldwell is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of MPQ Events.  

With over ten years of experience in events, she has mastered the maxims of meeting and exceeding her clients’ expectations. 

Shaneia is a golden teacher for inspiration, positivity, and influence and loves sharing her experiences.

Launching MPQ Academy has been like coming home, realizing her passion for helping other event professionals build successful businesses. 

Shaneia holds a Master’s Degree from the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco, CA, and has a wealth of experience in sales and marketing.

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