Designing The Experience

An online course that prepares you with the tools to design large scale events and weddings. 

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Did you know the wedding & event industry is an over $60 billion dollar market?

Learn how to find your style, create unique designs, and develop visuals to scale your business in this thriving industry. 


MPQ Academy

is where Event Professionals launch, grow and scale. 

MPQ Academy provides courses and resources for aspiring, beginning and experienced event designers. 

We offer hands-on instruction in our courses. 

  • Prepare for a career or launch your own business. 
  • Learn techniques by event professionals. 
  • Learn skills at your pace. 

Online Courses

Learn the strategies to building a lucrative event business:

  • Our courses are taught by event professionals.
  • Learn skills and techniques at home at your own pace.
  • Increase your revenue and grow your clientele. 
  • Turn your passion into a successful business. 
  • Unlimited access to replay. 

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Start and grow your dream business today. 


Designing The Experience


Are Ready To Stand Out From Your Competition?

This online course will give you the tools and knowledge to place you a step ahead of your competition. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Design large scale weddings & events.
  • How to create designs that meet client expectations.
  • Prepare your team to ensure event setup runs smoothly.

With a simple shift in your design process and some smart planning practices, you could create the event planning & design business of your dreams.

What's Included In The Course...


Finding Your Signature Style 

  • Your unique style sets you apart from competition and the reason your ideal client will book you.
  • What common elements do you use in planning and design?
  • What do people consistently recognize in your work?

You’ll finish this course with a complete picture of what makes up your signature style. 


Building Design Concepts 

Building a design concept is a part of the design process. In this step, you will integrate the client's vision with your ideas to create a design. 

  • How to depict inspiration photos that clients provide.
  • Manage client expectations to ensure the vision aligns with the budget.

You’ll finish this course with the knowledge on how to create a custom design that aligns with the client's vision, budget and your brand. 


Creating Mock Ups

Learn the keys to creating a mock up that will provide your client and team with a visual of what to expect on event day. 

In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • The key elements to include in a mock up. 
  • The benefits of creating a visual of your design. 

You’ll finish this lesson with the knowledge of the platform to use to create a visual mockup, elements to include and how to present the mockup to clients. 


Developing Floor Plans 

A floor plan creates a map for the event. 

  • In this course, you’ll learn: How to create a focal point and balance a room.   
  • Proper placement of guests tables and vendors.       
  • How to create a floor plan that meets the client needs. 

You’ll finish this course with the ability to create a floor plan that is practical yet visually appealing. 


Shaneia Caldwell


Shaneia Caldwell is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of MPQ EVENTS. 

What drove her to start an event business is that designing has always been therapeutic. It allows her the freedom to express creativity and to work with clients to develop one of a kind experiences. 

Her goal is to help you build a successful business by teaching them the key strategies to launch and grow the business of their dreams.

Prior to launching MPQ Events, she obtained her Masters Degree at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco, CA. 

Very Informative. Know her stuff Prompt."

- Kayla Sumler

"This course was very helpful. Everything was beneficial."

-Derena Mclaurin

I thought the course was very informational and well laid out."

- Opal Wade




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